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I regularly* take before & after photos, including a few stylized photos of all of our color package appointments.

*You can opt out if so desired or specify which images you are comfortable with being on social + all images will be provided to you after our appointment together.

You are welcome to (but not expected to) dress however you'd like for photos. Neutrals are preferred but definitely not required.


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Ever felt nervous that your stylist didn't quite get what you meant before you got started?

With an innovative consultation process, I've designed my consultation process so that before we start, I know exactly what you're hoping for... AND you know exactly what's possible. Before I even touch your hair with a color brush. 

My goal is to make your hair work WITH & FOR you, instead of against you. I'll take into account your life, personality, short & long-term goals & more. There are no stupid questions here, and I'll make sure we're on the same page before getting started!

Image by Andrew Spencer
Image by Christiann Koepke


I'll provide you with a quote before we get started on your hair as part of our consultation. I'll make sure that what you're hoping to do is within your budget, and if not that's totally okay! We'll adjust our goals and plan to accommodate as necessary. 

If you're hoping to get a more individualized quote prior to your appointment, feel free to reach out before your appointment.