Hi friend! I'm so glad you're here. I am Amanda - The Holistic Artisan.

I'm a holistic hair color specialist with a focus on clean beauty & low-maintenance dimensional blondes + brunettes located in Leominster at The Hive.

With everyday schedules consisting of grocery + errand runs, deadlines, endless laundry + keeping tiny humans alive, I understand the busy lives that we all live. As a new mama I can relate to the much needed "me" time not always making the top of the priority list. But that doesn't mean we don't deserve it. 

I enjoy helping the everyday woman feel confident + beautiful. I think that how you feel weeks after your appointment matters just as much as the day of. That's why I love creating a low-maintenance look that focuses on a seamless grow out that allows you to extend the length of time between salon visits giving you much needed time to conquer the big moments + enjoy the small ones.



Sign: pisces

Hairstylist since: 2009

Hobbies: reading books, hiking with my husband + doggos, more recently - rollerskating

Favorite food: pickles

Go to hairstyle: beach waves

Most wouldn't know: I love science fiction

Favorite hair product: I create waves from Innersense Organic Beauty

Hidden talent: going a week without washing my hair